Collaborative Assessment/Testing

Collaborative Psychological Assessment

Incorporates tenets from Drs. Stephen Finn and Constance Fischer’s Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment Model.

Testing is an intervention to help clients and families understand why they are struggling and to change their stories about themselves.

Questions are developed by the client and/or family, with my support, that are directly answered by the assessment.

Sample Questions

Why do I have trouble focusing?

Why do I get so angry?

Does my child have ADHD?

Do I have a learning disability?

Why is my child having trouble making friends?

What services does my child need to succeed in school?

Conversations & Results

Conversations occur throughout the testing process, typically 4-6 sessions, to discuss both the process of testing and implications of the findings. Following completion of the testing, a report is generated and a discussion session is conducted. In this meeting, clients and families are involved in making sense of the data and discussing interventions. Children and adolescents receive feedback in an age-appropriate manner. Children receive an illustrated story with themes about the testing. Adolescents receive a letter that answers their questions for the testing and addresses what support they will receive. Even after the completion of the assessment process, I am available to answer questions that may arise in the future, consult with schools and other therapists, and reassess clients as needed.

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